Welcome to the Epilepsy Foundation eLearning site

The Epilepsy Foundation's mission is to reduce the impact of epilepsy on people's lives. We undertake research, develop best practice and educate and train people so that they understand epilepsy and how best to support people.

Epilepsy causes big problems in people’s lives:

  • Everyday someone’s daughter or son dies in Australia as a result of their epilepsy
  • Children throughout Australia are missing out on a good education and therefore a good start in life because their epilepsy isn’t understood
  • People are losing their jobs because their epilepsy isn’t understood
  • People feel scared and alone because of their epilepsy

The way to solve these problems is through education and training.

If, in your daily practice, you have contact with a person living with epilepsy then you are in the right place to find the training you need to help you support that person.

Through our education and training program's we develop the capacity of individuals and families, organisations and the community to better understand and support the needs of a person living with epilepsy.

The Epilepsy Foundation believes no one should go it alone with their epilepsy.  

About Us

The Epilepsy Foundation was founded in May 1964 as The Victorian Bureau for Epilepsy. The organisation was formed so that individuals and families were not alone with their epilepsy. Our ambition is to stop avoidable deaths from epilepsy, to ensure children get a good education so that people get and keep jobs and so that people feel safe and connected.

In 1990 The Victorian Bureau for Epilepsy changed its name to The Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria to reflect the broadening of its work to include psychosocial research. It was the first of the consumer based epilepsy organisations to provide, individual support, advocacy, education and public information programs.

In 2008 The Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria recognised the need to develop a consistent approach to education and training, developing its first suite of learning programs for persons recently diagnosed with epilepsy and their families.

In 2014 The Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria changed from an Association to a Company Limited by Guarantee called Epilepsy Foundation. This reflected the change from a Victorian focused organisation to one focused on ensuring that no Australians should go it alone with their epilepsy.

Since 2008 the Epilepsy Foundation suite of education and training programs has grown to include programs for Families, Nurses, Educators and Disability Support Workers. In 2016 the Epilepsy Foundation began developing its eLearning Platform in response to a request by the Victorian Department of Education to develop a scaleable training solution to support the delivery of Epilepsy Training to teachers across Victoria. In 2017 the Epilepsy Foundation eLearning site and new suite of online training products were launched.

Our services

The Epilepsy Foundation is committed to reaching and providing best knowledge to people who work with people living with epilepsy.  Click here to read Our Services Brochure (PDF 99kb)

Rights and responsibilities

Understanding your rights and responsibilities as a client of the Epilepsy Foundation is central to sustaining a good relationship between you and Epilepsy Foundation staff. Our Rights and Responsibilities brochure outlines your rights and your responsibilities as a client of the Epilepsy Foundation as well as the rights and responsibilities of Epilepsy Foundation staff. Click here to read our Rights and Responsibilities Brochure (PDF 746kb)

Support Us

Every day we try to make life better for people living with epilepsy and this is made possible because of the support of people like you. The Epilepsy Foundation encourages the community to get involved with fundraising so people living with epilepsy don’t have to go it alone. You can donate online or add a donation to your next course enrolment. Your support is greatly appreciated.