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How do I add plans and students for EMP Part 2

  • You first need to log in to¬†https://empp.epilepsyfoundation.org.au
  • Then click on the Upload Docs and Add Students box

  • Add the Plan First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth (Name and DOB for which the Plan is for)
  • Then add the documents to the EMP, EMMP and Consent form.
  • You can also upload any additional documents at the bottom
  • Then click Next Step

Next you have to add your students.

  • Click on add Participant
  • Add the First Name, Last Name, Email and confirm the email
  • To add another click on Add Participant again. You can add up to 10 participants per Plan
  • Names and emails are case sensitive and must be what is in the current training room (You may need to get this detail from your participants)
  • To remove a user click on the Minus sign at the end of that row then click Remove
  • Once you have added all your participants click on Load Plan and Participants

  • You will then receive and email telling you the plans have been uploaded.
  • You will also get an email letting you know if your users have completed all prerequisites.
  • Once the plans have been viewed you will receive and email telling you they are approved or an email telling you you need to go and fix the plans.
  • If it is all good and your participants have completed the prerequisites you will be sent a time and date for the training.


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