LMS – All – If a user did not un-check the ‘Enrol Me’ checkbox

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You will need to change the purchasers name to the user it should have been manually.

You need to make sure the user has NOT logged into the account, if a user has logged in then you can NOT update the users details. You can check this by:

  • To edit a users profile you first need to click on the course tile
  • Then click on My Group under the Admin option at the top of the page.
  • Search for the user you are looking for in the My Group section
  • Once you find the user – If it says never under the last logged in, they have never logged in

  • Click on the users name to update the details if they have never logged in
  • This will open up the users profile for editing.
  • Update the username (first and last name all in lower case no spaces eg jillsmith)
  • Add a new password in there (I use Cats!123)
  • Check the Force password change box
  • Change the First name
  • Change the last name
  • Change the email
  • Then click update
  • You will then need to email the username and password (The system will NOT send it automatically)

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