LMS – Group Admin/Org – Editing a Users Profile

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  • To edit a users profile you first need to click on the course tile
  • Then click on My Group under the Admin option at the top of the page.
  • Search for the user you are looking for in the My Group section
  • Once you find the user click on the users name

  • This will bring up their profile page.
  • Click on Edit Profile to edit that users profile

  • This will open up the users profile for editing.
  • Usernames need to be all in lowercase
  • Passwords need to have a Capital Letter, Lowercase letter, Number, Character when resetting them. (I would suggest using something like Cats!123)
  • Check the force password change box if you update the password that way the participant can update to something they remember when they log in for the first time after you chage it
  • Emails are unique so it will not let you change an email to one that already exists in the LMS
  • Once you have made all your changes click the Update Profile button at the bottom.


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