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Bulk Enrolments

If a customer has purchased bulk enrolments they will have been sent an email with a link to enrol their users.

These links are

VIC       – https://learning.epilepsyfoundation.org.au/enrol-students/
QLD      – https://learningeqld.epilepsyfoundation.org.au/enrol-students/
SA/NT   – https://learningesant.epilepsyfoundation.org.au/enrol-students/
TAS       – https://learningetas.epilepsyfoundation.org.au/enrol-students/
ACT       – https://learningeact.epilepsyfoundation.org.au/enrol-students/
WA        – https://learningewa.epilepsyfoundation.org.au/enrol-students/

To enrol their users they need to go to this link

  • Choose the course they want to enrol the students into

  • Click on ‘Add New User’


  • Add the Users details
  • If you want to add more than 1 click on ‘Add New User’ again.
  • Once all users are entered click the ‘Enrol button and they will be enrolled and sent their login details.

You can also upload a CSV file.

  • Click on the Download Sample CSV file to see what needs to be in it.
  • Create your CSV file then click on ‘Browse’ to find your file.
  • Click on the file to add it then click on ‘Upload CSV’
  • Your users will now show on the screen if you are happy click the ‘Enrol’ button to enrol the users.

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