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Once you have completed the 3 steps to become a recognised Epilepsy Smart School you can apply for your certificate of recognition. You will complete this in the learning management system, and then be able to print your certificate.

Step 1 – You have a current Epilepsy Management Plan and where required, Emergency Medication Management Plan for students with epilepsy enrolled at your school

Step 2 – Your staff with a duty of care have completed epilepsy specific training to that plan

Step 3 – You have undertaken an epilepsy awareness activity – such as Purple Day at your school.
Please read below for more information or go to www.epilepsysmartschools.org.au



When you register for the Epilepsy Smart Schools Program, your school will receive access to the Epilepsy Smart Schools Program reporting platform where you can record how your school has completed the three steps required to become an Epilepsy Smart School. Information on how your school can engage the student population in learning about epilepsy, raising awareness and understanding of epilepsy can be found on the Epilepsy Smart Schools website.

While the Epilepsy Smart Schools program is free, one of the steps towards becoming an Epilepsy Smart School requires school staff to complete epilepsy specific training. More information on the training available and associated cost for this is available here.

The Epilepsy Foundation appreciates the work of schools in raising awareness and understanding to support students living with epilepsy in your school community.


Program benefits:

What are the benefits of being an Epilepsy Smart School?

  • You are promoting a safe and inclusive environment for students living with epilepsy.
  • Your students are able to reach their academic potential.
  • School staff will have a better understanding of the expectations of teachers in supporting a student living with epilepsy in accordance with the Disability Standards for Education 2005.
  • Teacher standards are being adhered to in relation to supporting all students in a safe and inclusive manner.
  • Teachers will have the opportunity to participate in continuing professional development.
  • Your school has the opportunity to play an important part in raising epilepsy awareness.


Program requirements:

There are three steps that need to be completed to be recognised as an Epilepsy Smart School:

  1. Where school staff are aware of a student with an epilepsy diagnosis, a current Epilepsy Management Plan (EMP) is held. Additionally for those students living with epilepsy who have been prescribed emergency medication, a current Emergency Medication Management Plan (EMMP) is held.
  2. School staff understand the possible impact of epilepsy on students, through participating in training. Where a student has an EMMP, all school staff with a duty of care responsibility for that student have received student specific epilepsy training. See below for applicable courses.
  3. School staff educate students about epilepsy using resources from the Epilepsy Smart Schools website either through embedding education within curriculum or a school supported awareness raising campaign.


Who should register for this program?

Any school that wishes to develop the capacity of their teachers and school community to better support young people living with epilepsy.


Participating schools will be required to self-manage their progress towards becoming an Epilepsy Smart School, recording when each Epilepsy Smart Schools step is completed.

Please refer to the training available on this site for assistance with completing Step 2, or Contact Us for further information.

A Certificate of Recognition and supporting promotional materials which you can use to showcase your achievement in becoming an Epilepsy Smart School can be generated when all steps are completed.


More information or offline resources:

This program is FREE.

Please Contact Us for further information.


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Additional Information

The Epilepsy Smart Schools Program is an initiative developed and provided by the Epilepsy Foundation. The Epilepsy Smart Schools website and the associated resources have been made possible through the support of the Victorian Department of Education and Training and the generosity of our donors.

The contributions of paediatric neurologist Dr Jeremy Freeman (Royal Children’s Hospital), Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist Dr Silvana Micallef (Austin Health) and Disability Discrimination Legal Service are particularly acknowledged.

This is a self-directed program, schools can complete all actions in a timeframe that best suits their school community. However recognition as an Epilepsy Smart School is aligned to the maintenance of training, training updates are required every two (2) years, or sooner where a student’s plan changes.



CPD Recognition

Training completed as part of a schools response to becoming an Epilepsy Smart School can be counted towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points. The program and supporting website resources provide teachers with information and knowledge to help teachers meet the specific learning needs of students across the full range of abilities and to support safe student participation.